CRC Gomta Gondal Rajkot Samagra Shiksha Gujarat

CRC Gomta Gondal Rajkot 
Samagra Shiksha Gujarat

SMC ખર્ચ પત્રક CRC ગોમટા તાલુકા શાળા 

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જ્ઞાનશક્તિ રેસીડેન્શિયલ સ્કુલ્સ
જ્ઞાનશક્તિ ટ્રાયબલ રેસીડેન્શિયલ સ્કુલ્સ
જ્ઞાનસેતુ ડે સ્કુલ્સ
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ધોરણ ૧ વિદ્યાપ્રવેશ
વિદ્યાર્થી પ્રવૃત્તિપોથી 
શિક્ષક આવૃત્તિ 
ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

શાળાકીય સર્વગ્રાહી મુલ્યાંકન માર્ગદર્શિકા અને પત્રકો

SCE Teacher Guideline

Pragati Patrak A

Pragati Patrak B

Pragati Patrak C

Pragati Patrak D-1

Pragati Patrak D-2

Pragati Patrak D-3

Pragati Patrak D-4

Pragati Patrak E

Pragati Patrak F

• સમગ્ર શિક્ષા પોર્ટલ પર સુધારા કરવા માટે નીચે મુજબના ફોર્મ ડાઉનલોડ કરી બી.આર.સી.માં સી.આર.સી. મારફત જમા કરાવવા. 

  • વિદ્યાર્થી ની બેઝિક માહિતીમાં સુધારો કરવા માટેનું અરજીપત્રક (FORM - V)
  • આધાર ડાયસમાં વિદ્યાર્થીના નામની એન્ટ્રી માટેનું અરજીપત્રક (FORM - A STD 2 TO 8 )
  • આધાર ડાયસમાં વિદ્યાર્થીના નામની એન્ટ્રી માટેનું અરજીપત્રક (FORM - A STD 9 TO 12 )
  • ટીચર પોર્ટલ પર શિક્ષક ઉમેરવા અરજીપત્રક ( FORM - T)
  • ટીચર પોર્ટલ પર શિક્ષકનું નામકમી કરવા અરજીપત્રક (FORM - T1) GOV SCHOOL ONLY
  • ટીચર પોર્ટલ પર શિક્ષકનું નામકમી કરવા અરજીપત્રક (FORM - T1) PVT SCHOOL ONLY
  • સ્થાનિક રજા સેટ કરવા માટેનું અરજીપત્રક (FORM - S)
  • પાસવર્ડ રિસેટ માટે અરજીપત્રક (FORM - P)
  • યુ-ડાયસ ફોર્મ નકલ મેળવવા માટેનું અરજીપત્રક (FORM - U)
  • ઘટ સાહિત્ય મેળવવા બાબત માંગણી પત્રક (fORM - G)

CRC Gomta Gondal Rajkot Samagra Shiksha Gujarat 

The new interventions which have been incorporated in the revamped Samagra Shiksha scheme based on the recommendations of the National Education Policy 2020 are as follows:

1. Pre-Primary:

  •  Training of Master Trainers for training of Anganwadi workers and In-service teacher training for ECCE teachers.
  •  Provision of upto Rs 500 per child for Teaching Learning Materials, indigenous toys and games, play based activities per annum for pre-primary sections in Government Schools.
  •  Support for pre-primary sections in government primary schools.

2. Support for NIPUN Bharat:

  • The National Mission on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy to ensure that every child achieves the desired learning competencies in reading, writing and numeracy at the end of grade III and not later than grade V.
  • Provision of TLM upto Rs 500 per child per annum, Rs 150 per teacher for teacher manuals and resources, Rs 10-20 lakh per district for assessment.
  • Specific training modules under NISHTHA to train Pre-primary and Primary teachers on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy.

3. Elementary level:

  • Financial support for State Commission for Protection of Child Rights @ Rs 50 per elementary school in the state, for protection of child rights and safety.
  • Child tracking provision included for students of Government and Government aided schools.
  • Greater emphasis on Direct Benefit transfers so that the various benefits reach directly to the students in the shortest time.

4. Secondary level:

  • Universalization of access upto senior secondary level.
  • Addition of new subjects instead of Streams in existing senior secondary schools.
  • Transport facility has been extended to secondary level @ upto Rs 6000 per annum.
  • For out of school children at 16 to 19 years of age, support will be provided to SC, ST, disabled children, upto Rs 2000 per child per grade to complete their secondary/senior secondary levels through NIOS/SOS.

5. Quality and Innovation for all levels:

  • Holistic, 360-degree, multi-dimensional report showing progress/ uniqueness of each learner in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains will be introduced in the form of Holistic Progress Card (HPC).
  • Support for activities of PARAKH, the National Assessment Centre
  • Additional Sports grant of upto Rs. 25000 to schools in case atleast 2 students of that school win a medal in Khelo India school games at the National level.
  • Provision for Bagless days, school complexes, internships with local artisans, curriculum and pedagogical reforms etc included.
  • Setting up of assessment cell preferably at SCERT to conduct various achievement surveys, develop test materials & item banks, training of various stakeholders & test administration, data collection analysis and report generation, etc.
  • Provision for Establishment of New SCERT has been included and new DIETs in districts created upto 31st March 2020 (earlier it was till 31st March 2017)
  • Provision for in-service teachers training from pre-primary to Class XII under Professional Development.
  • The academic support of BRCs and CRCs extended for pre-primary and Secondary level also.

6. Equity and Inclusion:
  • All KGBVs to be upgraded to class XII.
  • Enhanced financial support for existing Stand-alone Girls’ Hostels for classes IX to XII (KGBV Type IV) of upto Rs 40 lakh per annum (earlier Rs 25 lakh per annum).
  • Provision of Incinerator and sanitary pad vending machines in all girls’ hostels.
  • Training for 3 months for inculcating self-defence skills to be renamed as ‘Rani Laxmibai Atma Raksha Prashikshan’ and amount increased from Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per month.
  • Separate provision of stipend for CWSN girls @ Rs. 200 per month for 10 months, in addition to student component from pre-primary to senior secondary level.
  • Provision of annual identification camps for CWSN at block level @Rs. 10000 per camp and equipping of Block Resource centres for rehabilitation and special training of CWSN.

7. Vocational Education:
  • Support under Vocational Education extended to Government aided schools also in addition to Government Schools and grant/number of job roles/sections linked to enrolment and demand.
  • Provision of Classroom cum workshop for Vocational Education in schools serving as Hub for other schools in the neighbourhood. Provision of transport and assessment cost for schools serving as spokes.
  • Enhanced emphasis on convergence with all Government departments/agencies undertaking development works for providing exposure and internships to children on different vocations.

8. ICT and Digital Initiatives:
  • Provision of ICT labs, Smart classrooms including support for digital boards, smart classrooms, virtual classrooms and DTH channels have been provided.

9. Support for Social Audit covering at least 20% of schools per year so that all schools are covered in a period of Five years. The same to also involve youth volunteers, undergraduate students etc

10. A new component Appointment of Language Teachers has been added in the scheme- components of training of teachers and bilingual books and teaching learning material added, besides support for salary of Hindi and Urdu teachers.

11. Revised Programmatic and Financial 

Norms: This Department 
vide D.O. letter No. 17-2/2019-IS-15 dated 16th August, 2021 has shared revised Programmatic and Financial Norms with all the stakeholders.